The 3PMobile Vision

Our vision is to make the Web more human and privacy a competitive advantage.  We believe it’s time to rethink how people interact with the Web by respecting their choices on the collection, flow, use and assignment of their data.  The current all or nothing approach to data sharing and tracking is not good for people or profits.  By respecting consumer choice and building trust, we can create meaningful, individualized experiences and a vibrant ecosystem of products, content and services.


Our Global Technology Footprint

Our founding team has been at the forefront of proven Internet and Mobile innovation:

Web Performance

We Made the Web Go Faster
Apache Web Server Mod_Gzip

500M Installations 50% of the Internet

Web Privacy

We Made the Web More Private
W3C Do Not Track

2B browsers 50% of the the Internet

Web Security

We Made the Web More Secure5 = Secure DNS

1.5B Subscribers 20% of the Internet

Web Personalization

We Made the Web into an Individualized Daily Engagement Platform

Via a Privacy Based, Programmable Human Centric User Interface
Unlimited Use Depending on Your Vision

Our Approach

Choice® is designed to support and align the needs of all digital stakeholders creating sustainable, value- based ecosystems.

Achieving sustained success in today’s dynamic, digital environment requires strategic thinking. The kind of thinking that breaks down the digital divide between profits and privacy. It’s time to consider new and sustainable approaches that respect regional privacy regulations and personal preferences, while still delivering and monetizing an individualized experience.

Tomorrow’s success is achieved by aligning technology and new digital business models with the human desire to have greater choice in how we engage online.

Private by Design and Default

Choice® allows you to build a more human relationship with users, customers,
patients or employees using your existing Web infrastructure. It enables everyone to engage in consent-based, negotiated digital commerce – giving each person a say in the terms of how their data will be used, shared and monetized. Respecting their choices opens new business opportunities based upon higher quality, high-value data, pay-for-use and multiple shared data revenue models – models that benefit everyone.