The Business Challenge:

Reimagining digital engagement. How can you intelligently cross-sell into a constellation of other content, products, and services from a collaborative ecosystem of vendors, eventually achieving 100 percent daily engagement of each customers’ mind and wallet share, all while respecting their data privacy. This vision is strategic, exciting, and so far, unrealized – nobody has achieved meaningful scale with a second line of business, much less many lines of business.(source)

The Business Solution:

By adding Choice® source code to your current mobile app you can leverage your organization’s AI to enable Intelligent Ecosystem Navigation. You can now offer your customer’s a new kind of app, one powered by your AI. One that dynamically adapts and recognizes my identity and context in real-time while respecting my data privacy. One that can intelligently navigate me across a global ecosystem of collaborative vendors with relevant products, content, and services tailored just for me and my continuously changing daily life journey. And finally, one that offers me a seamless and holistic experience.

Continuous daily engagement drives a sustainable financial engine.

This combination drives affinity for your company’s services, lowers your customer acquisition cost and enables profitable transactional ecommerce while bolstering cyber services with data powered insights for your organization.


The Intelligent Ecosystem Navigation Marketplace

Protecting Customers’ Privacy While Maximizing Their Information Assets.

(Obtain My Data)


(Engage Daily and Earn)

Value Exchange


Financial Control Point

(My Contextual Date)


(Monetize My Insights)

Your Content and Services
Engage Each Person within the Context of their Continuous Daily Life Journey

Choice® enables your app to adapt to ME, rather than forcing ME to adapt to yet another app. Start with just your services, or cost-efficiently build a trust-based digital engagement ecosystem of limitless content and services

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Choice® Transforms Consent into a Competitive Advantage

Choice® is a single mobile app that gives you access to a real-time, privacy based, individual engagement layer of the Web based on HTTP/HTML web standards. It incorporates the best of browser and app functionality by combining a privacy and distributed data consent framework (secure database with consumer controls), with an AI programmable navigation user interface. It individualizes and simplifies user navigation of borderless ecosystems – all within the context of each person.





It’s user-controlled privacy settings are ideal for regulated (or soon to be regulated) industries like ad-driven Web content and service providers, healthcare and financial services. Choice® allows organizations to engage each individual “in the moment” in a personal, two-way digital conversation built upon express consent and trust.

Choice® is the Interface for Every Face

Choice® enables you to reimagine what it’s like to engage each person individually. AI can now engage me in an ethical manner delivering the relevant content, services and products that support my daily needs – all while respecting my privacy.