Are your Mobile Apps GDPR Compliant?  Have You Considered California Privacy Laws?  Consent is Everything!

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Privacy – The Next Great Web Opportunity

The Internet connects, inspires, engages and entertains billions of people. It has redefined the world’s expectations for accessibility and convenience, but it has also reminded us that nothing is free. At the heart of the issue are privacy, consent and data rights. People are pushing back against one-sided, click-wrap user agreements. Online data collection has minimal to no transparency. Governments and standards organizations struggle to balance commercial interests with those of the individual citizen.  Current technology options offer an all-or-nothing sharing approach, regardless that experts define privacy as contextual – based on trust and situation.  A Privacy by Design approach to web services and content is

So how did we get here and where are we going?


Personal Data and the Evolving Digital Ecosystem

Connecting the World – Establishing Use Models

  • Technical Innovation: HTTP, HTTPS, Hyperlinks
  • Trigger: The browser simplified navigation
  • Business Model: E-Commerce
  • User Value: Convenience – money for physical goods

Connecting & Monetizing the World – Enabling Commercialization

  • Technical Innovation: Cookies (Identifies a user)
  • Trigger: The search box hid complexity from the user
  • Business Model: Advertising Supported Search
  • Consumer Value: Free services in exchange for business defined data use

Connecting, Monetizing, & Respecting the Individual – Sustaining the Ecosystem

  • Technical: A responsive, human interface
  • Trigger: The browser expresses my consent and the value of my privacy
  • Business Model: Negotiated Digital Commerce
  • Individual Value: Choice in what I give and who I give it to; for what I get


Navigating Global Privacy
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Trust is Everything™

On the Web, privacy is rare.  We are all separated by keyboards and screens. That makes it easy to think of online visitors as users, and not people. But they are people. People who want to have their choices respected, just as they are at the local café or grocery store. It’s hard to build trust without human interactions. Online brands who offer individualized and respect-based business models, and those that adhere to global privacy standards have the advantage when it comes to building trust. And that translates directly to loyalty and the bottom line.

Whether your goal is compliance or customer loyalty, your path to
success starts by respecting user’s data sharing preferences




The Choice® Consent Browser can support your branding, data, privacy and security needs:

  • You control your data
  • You control your strategy
  • You control your relationships
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Make Individualized Consent a Competitive Advantage

Give your users Choice®

Choice® provides you with a more human interface that enhances your revenue opportunities. It enables you to recognize and respond to each unique person in a way that drives loyalty and commerce, all while respecting their privacy preferences.

It is a Privacy by Design platform.  Choice® (iPhone and Android) combines a browser and database in a unique and secure way that delivers personal user data to your servers with each Web request. That means you can individualize your content, services and navigation based on each user’s device, location, hobbies, payment information – anything users are willing to share, including their terms for sharing it. And that opens up exciting new models for data monetization.

Oh, and the same data that makes things personal, also supports global privacy regulations. With our unique user-controlled privacy and consent functionality, you can save, share or simply forget people’s data and still deliver a personalized experience – supporting a consumer’s right to be forgotten and your bottom line.  Already have a mobile app? No problem.  Choice® provides a simple GDPR compliant consent solution for your existing mobile apps.  So whether your users are protected by GDPR, HIPAA or COPPA – Choice® has you covered – for privacy and commerce.