Stop talking to and start engaging with your customers – in real-time.
Deliver your services and content within the context of each person’s daily life

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Effective Customer Engagement Starts with the User Interface


  • Windows is the consumer user interface for the PC
  • The Browser is the consumer user interface for the Web
  • The App is the consumer user interface for the Smartphone

Industry agnostic
Choice® is Industry agnostic. Use your rules or AI engine to autonomously program app navigation for each person, based upon your unique ecosystem of content, products and services.


So how did we get here and where are we going?


Choice® Unlocks the Next Engagement Layer of the Web

Dynamically connect each person to a constellation of products, content and services –
based on their needs, values and preferences

Connecting the World
Triggers: HTTP and the Browser
Use Model: Communications and Search
User Value: Connectivity and Access


Monetizing the World
Triggers: HTTPS and Cookies Use Model: eCommerce
User Value: Convenience and Free Services


Engaging the Individual
Triggers: Choice® and AI
Use Model: Individualized, Daily Engagement
User Value: Relevancy and Respect


The Value of Choice® Enabled Daily Engagement


Access to real-time, consent-based information about each person can be used to continually inform your AI, improving the delivery of relevant products, content and services:

      • Saving you money through increased consumer loyalty
      • Making you money by increasing the monetization opportunities derived from high-quality data and your ecosystem partners’ content, products and services
      • Increasing business resiliency through dynamic content and service rebalancing based upon demand or profitability metrics

Choice® is designed to be customized. It can support your branding, data, privacy and security needs:

  • You control your data
  • You control your strategy
  • You control your customer and commerce partner relationships
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