The Business Challenge

How can your web-based business intelligently cross-sell other content, products, and services from a collaborative ecosystem of vendors, achieving 100 percent daily engagement of each customer’s mind and wallet share, while maintaining a low operational cost?

So far, no company has achieved meaningful scale with a second line of business, much less many lines of business.

The Business Solution

We developed Choice®, a low-cost growth engine for web-based businesses.

Choice® is the only user interface that autonomously adapts to each customer in real-time.

Now you can continuously engage each customer within the context of their continuous daily life journey. 

License Choice® source code and build a digital engagement ecosystem of limitless content, products, and services.

Consistent daily engagement drives sustainable financial growth

At the heart of Choice® lies a powerful digital framework which combines with your existing lines of business to create an engagement flywheel, which can be orchestrated by your AI.

Harness the power of cross-screen, multi-platform, and multi-format models to achieve exponential top-line growth, at a low operational cost, without violating the customer’s privacy.