Privacy – Respecting It is Good Business

How Many times have mobile privacy issues: 

  • Delayed your mobile strategy?
  • Challenged IT in a BYOD environment?
  • Created audit challenges for your compliance team?

Privacy Management Enhances the Mobile Web Experience!  With a little bit of real-time data you can effectively manage mobile Web compliance and privacy.  Privacy is the foundation of the mobile Web experience.  Simplify and optimize access to the right data for each employee, device and location.   Effective privacy management enhances, rather than stifles the mobile Web experience.


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The Foundation of the Mobile Web Experience – Privacy
Respect Privacy.  Manage Privacy in Real Time.  Build Trust.

Choice® Data for Privacy

  • Manage data privacy policies in real-time
  • Deliver local content without tracking
  • Protect employee data during transmission

Don’t know where to start when it comes to your mobile privacy? Ask us about mobile privacy best practices.

How can real-time device and location affect your mobile data privacy decisions? Find out.

You Can’t Manage What you Don’t Know

The Choice® enterprise browser securely delivers to your mobile site the user, device and location data needed to manage Mobile Web access and compliance, while supporting personalized and localized services or content.  Using real-time data reduces the liability associated with profiling and tracking.  When you know your mobile employee’s context you can effectively manage privacy, while enhancing their experience.  


Real-Time Mobile Web Privacy Management

  • Build trust – let employees know what data you use
  • Simplify login and access – increase productivity
  • Device and location impact mobile policy
  • Simplify integration via Web standard data format
  • Protect personally identifying information (PII) during transmission