About Us

Our Vision

To personalize digital healthcare.

Our Mission

Provide healthcare organizations with a powerful, yet flexible mobile patient engagement platform that results in a positive impact on both affordability and quality of service. To engage users in a way that:

  1. Enables personalized healthcare delivery in support of the evolving consumer-centric healthcare model
  2. Supports the industry’s unique business requirements for improving both clinical and financial outcomes
  3. Supports any connected mobile consumer, medical device or Web service
  4. Simplifies integration within the existing healthcare IT infrastructure

Our Focus

3PMobile’s® software platform is targeted at healthcare industry organizations who want to engage their patients, providers and subscribers via a personalized, mobile interface. This includes Provider Groups, Payers/Insurers, and Web-based Health Service (SaaS) providers.

Our Background

We specialize in solving complex infrastructure problems using Web standards. We have developed products and patented technology that engages users via improvements to the Performance, Security, Privacy and Personalization of Web and Mobile communications. Over the years, our team has delivered products, services & strategies that…

  • 2000: Made the Web go faster – over 500 million deployments
  • 2005: Made the Web more secure – 350 million daily users
  • 2013: Made the Web more private – 1+ billion deployments
  • 2014: We’re making the Web more personal



PBDLogoPeter Cranstone was named “Privacy Ambassador” by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario