Native App Richness.  Web App Flexibility.
With Choice® – You Don’t Have to Choose
Personalize Your Web Apps for Any User and Any Device   Let Choice®  Help You Simplify Mobile Support  

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One App Supports
Multiple Experiences

Choice® is an app. It delivers real-time data to your Web apps, personal clouds, or portals. What kind of data? Anything accessible by a native app or entered by a user and saved:

  • Device Data
  • Location Data
  • Network Data
  • Intent Data
  • User & Preference Data

For the first time, online businesses and service providers can access the same data as native mobile apps.  Data that lets you programmatically manage the user experience in real time, for each and every user and device.

Choice® makes personalizing the mobile experience easy and affordable.

Platform  or App
It’s Your Choice®

While affordable and flexible, most web apps lack the richness of native mobile apps. Not anymore! Real-time access to Choice® data lets IT support mobile users by leveraging their existing Web strategy, infrastructure & skills.

  • Extend Web services to mobile users
  • Rapidly test & deploy new services
  • Enterprise level security & privacy
  • Use existing naming conventions
  • Save time & money vs. mobile apps

Choice® can be used as a mobile Web app or can be configured as a mobile platform delivered as a Web service (mPaaS).

Whatever your needs, Choice® puts you in control of your mobile strategy and user data.