Choice® for Patients, Providers and Payers

Engaged patients create healthy opportunities for everyone



Let them control their health data
sharing choices and make it easy to
engage in health decisions.
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Deliver personalized health services
to each patient with minimal change
to clinical and IT workflow.
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Integrate care compliance and
accountability into your wellness
program design.
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Connected health sensor manufacturers and web app companies interested in OEM licenses, please contact us.

Patient Generated Data and the Power of Choice®


Sharing and Privacy

Customize data privacy and delivery options


Personalized Services

In support of business and health outcomes

Connected Health

Facilitate data collection and remote diagnostics


Device Independence

Support any smartphone or health sensor



Connected Health Leads
to Engaged Patients

Whether your personalized care plan
promotes wellness or reinforces consistent
chronic condition management, Choice®
never locks you or your patients into a single
mobile platform or device.


Personal Engagement in Action

Choice® helps you balance care objectives with financial performance


Calvin-ChronicCare Sarah-Wellness
Powered By Patient Engagement Systems

Chronic Condition Management

Connected health and self-reported data help patients & providers monitor progress towards health goals and treatment compliance – reducing ER visits and hospital stays.
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Wellness & Prevention Programs

Keep patients and your bottom line healthy. Reinforce healthy habits and recommend personalized services that drive engagement and profitable revenue.
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