Today’s Privacy Imperative – GDPR – Consent and Compliance


GDPR is a contextual privacy regulation that requires the Web to Recognize, Respect and Respond to each user’s personal context to enable meaningful consent. Because of this, the Consumer AND the Enterprise need better privacy/security choices.

Choices that…

  1. Leverage technology to support lower cost business models and connect economically coherent value networks
  2. Utilize a privacy-by-design framework, that adapts to any country/region/industry and aligns all the stakeholders
  3. Allow ME (the individual) to expressly consent to the collection, flow, use, and assignment of MY personal data in real time
  4. Are Contextual

So, what does that look like for the consumer?











And then what does it look like for the Enterprise?












No third parties controlling the consent/compliance database, no waiting to add new services as profitability or cost savings dictate. And you can support a disruption proof plug and play value network with a click.

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