This is (Privacy) Hell


I just listened to Paul-Olivier Dehaye’s interview ‘The rise and risk of psychometrics in political campaigns.

It’s well worth 26 minutes of your time (IMO).

Here’s my thoughts (greatly condensed) … To achieve the societal goal of Privacy for all you need ALL the following (around the 15-minute mark in the interview):

  1. Better laws (GDPR) with enforcement
  2. Better privacy tools for the consumer
  3. New business models that sustain the current value network (ecosystem)

We designed Choice® (a software tool) for items 2 and 3 above.

It’s sophisticated technology that enables lower cost business models with a more economically coherent value network while protecting the consumers right to privacy.

And it does this by using your existing web infrastructure and current knowledge base. Why is this so important? No behavioral changes for either the consumer OR the Enterprise!

The new business model (item 3) is: ‘Negotiated Digital Commerce’.

This transitions us from the current consumer value proposition of free services in exchange for business defined data use, to the future’s individual value proposition — choice in what I give and who I give it to; for what I get in return.

So, what will drive (force) change? – Regulation that is enforced – GDPR.

May 25, 2018 is just 325 ‘working’ days away.

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