Privacy by Design: Privacy and Security for Modern Day Digital Ecosystems

Privacy should be trusted, verifiable and individualized for me. So how do you get there?


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Think Beyond Borders.  Privacy by Design is Good Business.

Modern Web services require modern approaches to privacy and security – ones that support users from state to state, and even country to country.  As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, out-of-country site usage expands and content and commerce partners become global.  Employing privacy and defense-in-depth security strategies becomes imperative to protecting consumer privacy.  Modern strategies should consider current and future infrastructure and regulations, such as HIPAA, COPPA or the California Online Privacy Act in the US and GDPR in the European Union.  Choice® takes a global approach to privacy, meeting or exceeding these published standards.  It was designed as a Privacy by Design platform.  



Give Users a Choice.  With Consent and Respect, Comes Sharing.

The best way to ensure express consent when it comes to sharing personal information, is to let users control the collection, flow, use and assignment of their private data.   Current tracking mechanisms, like cookies and fingerprinting, obscure what data is collected and where it is shared.  Current privacy standards are an all-or-nothing proposition, threatening established revenue models.  With Choice® users have full transparency and control.  They can fine tune their individual sharing preferences – simply by checking a box.  Every data field, including IoT data, is selectable, separately encrypted, and only sent to approved websites. This approach meets all privacy standards and regulations.  It also avoids current SSL flaws and DNS cache spoofing, for greater levels of in-transit data protection.



Trust-Based Ecosystems.  The Key to Sustainable Profits.

Your business does not exist in a vacuum.  Your digital security and privacy policies must consider the entire ecosystem of apps, services, content, advertisers, aggregators, sensors and social circles that connect with your website, users and customers.   This quote from Cisco eloquently summarizes the opportunity at hand:

…This stage in computing and communicating and creating is about people, devices, and systems seamlessly making handshakes, connecting, processing information, and providing services that are designed to improve the quality of life and are tailored to our needs…

Privacy Engineering Manifesto, Michelle Dennedy – Cisco

Choice® facilitates this process with the privacy by design and security features needed to respect user preferences, satisfy global privacy regulations, and build trust.  It enables secure and private data transfer via exclusive access to improvements in the Web protocol.  Choice® also lets you unify navigation behind a single, responsive human interface, enabling you to deliver to users, an individualized experience with just the right content and services tailored for their needs.

Choice® transforms privacy by design into an opportunity for personalized services and content delivery



Keep it Simple.  Innovate with Open Standards.

Choice® is the only solution that aligns privacy laws which are subject to interpretation, with object code, which is instructive.  It overcomes Internet HTTP Protocol (RFC 2616) privacy and security limitations and dependencies and still retains full compatibility with all existing and proposed Web standards.  Use your existing encryption methodology, our industry standard encryption, or both.  Our OEM licensing model ensures you retain full control over your digital strategy, privacy and security policies.  Choice® adheres to all app store distribution guidelines.


Innovating the Standard
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