GDPR is going to break advertising on the Internet.


GDPR is going to break advertising on the Internet.

Oh My!

You are in for a treat now. Without making this too complicated let’s consider the problem of obtaining consent from Ad Bidders in real time

Every ad is bid on – so therefore PRIOR to the ad being delivered, the website (data processor/data controller) does NOT know what bidders may later ‘pop up’ out of an auction (see the headline image).

This causes multiple problems:

  1. The user needs to consent to an auction without knowing who is going to win the bid (Hmmm, does a consumer even know about bids?)
  2. The auction needs to constrain data disclosure to the highest bidder only and allow for a right to be forgotten request – while the losing bidders need to ‘forget about me’ instantly
  3. The user needs to learn about the identity and the compliance policy of the highest bidder – ALL before consenting

What could possibly go wrong you ask yourself?

Can you imagine the confusion for the consumer as they try and sort this out on their mobile phones/mobile apps/mobile browsers ONLY to be faced with the same thing all over again on their other devices?

GDPR is going to break advertising on the Internet without REAL innovation.

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