A Human-Centric Interface for Every Face – and Business

Misaligned Incentives Create Undesired Behaviors

  1. The current ”consumer as the product” advertising model is out of balance
  2. The Internet experience is no longer perceived as worth the cost of lost privacy
  3. Users lie and mask their identities
  4. Ad blocking technology sales are on the rise
  5. Out innovating ad blockers and regulation is costly and inefficient

The digital advertising and publishing industries must regain consumer trust or risk losing their profit generating data.  Aligning all the key stakeholders in the Web economy is key to sustainability.


Restoring Stakeholder Balance via Choice®

When we are separated by screens, servers and keyboards, it’s easy to forget that users are people.  They are not ID numbers, personas, profiles or data subjects.  They are individuals, who for years, have never been given anything but an all-or-nothing choice when it comes to the terms and conditions of engaging with their favorite sites and services.  They are pushing back – demanding convenience, privacy and control.  They now understand the value of their data.

It’s time to rethink our strategies to ensure sustainable business models.  Privacy and personalized services, along with the need for better business and consumer alignment, are at the core of digital engagement transformation.  Key to success are consumer choice and consent as to how their data is used and shared.


Choice® Transforms Consent into a Competitive Advantage  

Choice® is a smartphone app that combines the best of app and browser functionality. It is permission and Web standards based. It can be powered by simple rules engines or complex AI systems to individualize and simplify user navigation of borderless ecosystems – all within the context of each person.  It’s user-controlled privacy settings are ideal for regulated (or soon to be regulated) industries like ad-driven Web content and service providers, travel, healthcare and financial services.  Choice® allows organizations to engage each individual “in the moment” in a personal, two-way digital conversation built upon express consent and trust.



Trust is Everything™   

Choice® allows you to build a more human relationship with with users, customers or employees using your existing Web infrastructure.  It enables everyone to engage in consent-based, negotiated digital commerce – giving the consumer a say in the terms of how their data will be used, shared and monetized.  Respecting their choices opens up new business opportunities based upon higher quality, high-value data, pay for use and multiple shared data revenue models – models that benefit everyone.

Choice® is designed to support and align the needs of all digital stakeholders creating a sustainable, value-based ecosystem.

Peter Cranstone, Privacy Ambassador

An Engagement Interface for Any Industry

Our OEM licensing model puts you in control of your strategy. Choice® is ideal for:

  • Organizations looking to increase engagement levels beyond the current lackluster 1% to 5% range
  • Digital service organizations looking to expand beyond their core service offerings without incurring burdensome development or M&A costs
  • Health and Wellness organizations developing individualized digital care or integrative health and wellness engagement strategies that lead to better health choice and outcomes
  • Financial Services organizations focused on Self-Driving Money solutions that help navigate consumers towards their financial goals