When you have access to real-time mobile user data, you can deliver a compelling experience designed specifically for that person, device or their location.  Just like with Privacy, Personalization means many things to many people.


Business to Consumer (B2C) Personalization

  • Local Ads
  • Personalized Offers and Coupons
  • Formatting and Content Preferences
  • Device-Specific Ads or Product Recommendations

Personalized Mobile Commerce:  The online store automatically recognizes the user’s favorite color, their device and their hobbies.  It modifies, in real-time, page formatting and offers for each user.

Special thanks to the University of Colorado Sr. Class Team who built this personalized Web service without ever having to learn mobile programming


Business to Business (B2B) Personalization

  • Personal Dashboards
  • Territory-Specific Content Views
  • Inventory Levels at the Closest Warehouse
  • Personalized “To Do” Lists for Field Service Staff