Context – The Key to Personalization

How Relevant is your mobile Web service:

  • To the capabilities of each device?
  • Based on each user’s location?
  • Based on user preferences, role or subscription plan?

Don’t Miniaturize – Mobilize!  No two employees, customers or members are the same, so don’t treat them the same.  Ensure that each mobile visitor gets the right information in the right format at the right time – using your existing Web development skills. Real time context about your user, their device and their location is the key to Web service personalization.  When you make your content, policies & services relevant for your mobile users, you can achieve greater engagement and Web service utilization.  


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Personalize the Mobile Web Experience
Choice®:  Real-Time Data. Relevant Services. Really Fast.

Choice® Makes it Personal

  • Deliver properly formatted content for each device
  • Deliver localized services and information
  • Make content relevant for each mobile Web service user

When is personal too personal? Don’t creep out your customers. Learn More about Best Practices

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Know Me.  Show Me.  Engage Me.

With real-time data you can present the appropriate content and navigation for each mobile employee or customer. Personalized content is more engaging.  More engagement means more productivity and utilization.  More productivity and utilization means a better bottom line.  When you know your mobile user’s context – who they are, where they are and what device they are using – you can effectively deliver a compelling mobile Web experience.

Real-Time Relevance Delivers Real Value

  • Extend your Web services to mobile users
  • Serve the appropriate content with confidence
  • Rapidly test and deploy new services and navigation schemas
  • Reduce friction and increase transactions & service utilization
  • Utilize your existing Web infrastructure and development skills
  • Customize the Choice data app to support your Web service needs

A note about using real-time contextual data:  Choice® is client-server software, not a service.  You always stay in control of your employee and customer data and choose the level of personalization, privacy and performance optimization that best fits your unique business needs.