Transforming Data into Business Intelligence

Data is one of your most powerful assets.   Choice® software can get you the data, but each business will define a great mobile Web experience and actionable information differently.   One company that can help you transform your data into information is Zepheira.

Data – The BI Foundation

With their Freemix software, Zepheira, shows us how easy it is to transform 3PMobile® contextual data into user-definable business intelligence. Zepheira specializes in organizing, aggregating and visualizing enterprise data.  Their work is based upon Semantic Web standards.

Data Organization – The BI Transformation

We supplied Zepheira with a CSV file of some data from several mobile site performance tests.  They uploaded it to their Data Visualization Service and within a few minutes, we have the ability to filter and visualize this data in multiple ways using visualization modules, such as maps and pie charts. Click on any of the links at the top of the list, or narrow down your selections by the networks listed in the box in the upper left corner.  You can also use the “View By” filter to take a different look at the existing list, map or graph.