Putting it in Context

We believe that things make a whole lot more sense when they are put into context. The following resources may help you better understand the technical and marketing issues worth considering before deploying your mobile strategy in the real world.


Is it a Phone or is at a Pocket Computer?

Mobile can be confusing. Smartphones combine technologies that are open (the Web) and closed (Carrier Networks). Developing for mobile and supporting mobile users means managing issues such as convenience, privacy and control of user data, and your company’s need for commerce or compliance. There is no one right answer. The decision must be made within the context of your unique business needs.

For Technologists


Delivering Increased Relevance with Mobile Metadata

What If…  The Web that Knows You

Keeping it Simple – A High Level Overview of the Current Mobile Landscape


For Marketers

Innovating the Standard – Market Expansion Strategies for an Interconnected World

Best Practice Series:  Mobilization vs. Miniaturization

What If…  The Web that Knows You

Keeping it Simple – Business Considerations of Mobile Strategy Options

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