Choice® - Transform the Mobile Browser into a BYOD App

Finally!  A Simple, Affordable Solution for BYOD

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  • Are your Web services optimized for mobile users?
  • Are your mobile privacy and compliance policies addressing device and location vulnerabilities?
  • Does your organization have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile policy?

Manage privacy and compliance, optimize mobile Web performance and improve employee interactions.   Choice® gives your enterprise the real-time data it needs to take control of your 3Ps:  Performance, Privacy & Personalization.


Simplify Mobile Support in a BYOD World

Overcome the challenges of a BYOD environment.   Extend your existing Web services to mobile users.  Install your company branded app on every mobile device.  Instantly your employees will be logged into to your corporate portal.  Present relevant, optimized content and manage data privacy and compliance policies based on your Web app business logic and existing rules engine.  You can update your services at any time and are always in control.

Control Privacy & Compliance

Regain Your Control.  The fully customizable Choice® application puts you in control of privacy management and compliance.  It is software, not a a service.  That means it delivers to you, and only you, the data you need to programmatically manage your mobile Web policies in real-time. Present only the appropriate content based on the employee, their device and their location. All data is encrypted and only sent to your servers.

Boost Productivity

Faster performance improves business performance.  The more your Web services know about your mobile users, the more relevant you can make the content.  Increased relevance reduces the data sent with each page.  Sending less data means faster page loads.  Faster loading means less waiting, more doing and lower bandwidth costs.

  • Optimize content
  • Increase relevance
  • Reduce cost

When you improve the mobile web experience – you improve your bottom line.

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