Mobile Workforce

Choice® for Consumer Web Services

Deliver the right experience to the right device

  • Optimize Web Services for any Screen
  • Meet Both IT and Business Requirements
  • Simplify Mobile Support Regardless of Device

It’s easy with real-time data from Choice®.

Native App Richness. Web App Flexibility. A good mobile strategy is hard to define and even harder to execute. Web services are flexible and affordable, but mobile apps deliver a better user experience. Privacy considerations add complexity and uncertainty to digital marketing and service delivery. Your customers expect personalized and device optimized services. What if your existing Web services had access to the same native device data as mobile apps? Would that simplify your mobile strategy? With Choice® they can!

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Realize the Full Power of the Web
Respect Privacy. Optimize Performance. Personalize Services.

Choice® Supports the 3Ps

  • Performance – Increase transactions, ads served and reduce costs.
  • Privacy – Respect it while retaining access to user, device and location data.
  • Personalization – Increase customer engagement, relevance and loyalty.
Worried about DNT compliance? Ask us about privacy best practices.
How do I use Choice® data to optimize and personalize my Web services? Find out.

A Solution that Works for IT, Business & the User

IT needs something that fits with the existing infrastructure, is easy to manage, support and that requires minimal changes or training. Businesses need something that will engage customers, communicate intent, satisfy regulators and work seamlessly with existing service delivery and content providers. Mobile users want access to relevant content and personalized services, regardless of device. Choice® provides an affordable solution that supports everyone’s needs.

Simplifying Your Consumer Mobile Strategy

  • Works on any network – Wi-Fi and Carrier
  • Data is delivered via Web standard format
  • Data integrates using standard programming techniques
  • Works with the browser – nothing new for users to learn
  • Works the same on any device – reduces support costs
  • Supports Do Not Track and Specific Consent requirements
  • VRM Ready – supports intent sharing and personal clouds
  • All data encrypted during transit
  • Fully configurable data set