Mobile Web User Experience – Location Matters

I took a trip between Denver and Boulder today (March 23rd) and decided to test our new mobile Web performance app. I wanted to see how location affects Web page load speed in a mobile browser. In other words, what is the REAL USER EXPERIENCE for mobile customers and employees.

My methodology was simple: Same device, same carrier network, same Web page – so the only difference was my location – which you can see charted on this map. (And yes, I was either on foot or safely stopped the car each time I ran a test). 


Here are the results fastest to slowest (all in seconds):

What Does This Mean to Mobile Marketers and Product Managers?
If you are looking at the Mobile Web as one of your content distribution, app delivery or marketing channels, make sure you understand everything that goes into the mobile user experience. Mobile is different, so be sure to look at the user experience from the user’s perspective.

Consider sending less content to users in a location where performance is known to be slow – fewer words, fewer or smaller images and use compression.