1Sight™ Mobile Web Performance Testing


Performance – The First User Experience

How Long does it really take mobile employees to:

  • Login?
  • Find relevant information?
  • Update, transact, report or verify?

Find out with the 3PMobile Performance Testing Services.

Measure the Real Mobile Web Experience. In a mobile world, your users are on different devices and OS’s. They connect via different networks. They connect from boardrooms and living rooms and classrooms and airport waiting rooms. Performance sets the tone for the mobile user experience. The way to measure the real mobile Web experience is from your users’ perspective – on the device, from any location in the world.

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A Great Mobile Web Experience Starts with Performance
Test on Real Devices. Test from Any Location. Test on Any Network.

Testing with 1Sight™ is Easy

  • Sign up and install the Choice® testing app on your tester’s devices.
  • Visit the page you want to test and “send” a report.
  • Login to see the results.

Don’t have the staff to test everywhere you want? Ask us about crowd testing.

Already have a client—server Web app you’d like to monitor? Contact us about OEM integration.

Measure Your Real Mobile Web Performance

Don’t settle for simulations, estimations or averages based on 5 locations, desktop assumptions and desktop Wi-Fi. With 1Sight™  you can test your mobile website or service the way your mobile users experience it.

Real World Results in the Context of the Mobile User

  • Test over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi – any network
  • Test in the browser – the way your users see it
  • Automate testing over carrier networks using Selenium
  • See exactly what users see – actual screenshotsSelenium Logo
  • Fix errors fast – precision tools & reports for IT
  • Know which carriers are performing to SLAs
  • Understand QoE issues by device or OS
  • See how location truly affects performance
  • Gain user-based insight into business transactions

All tests include context about the device, OS, location*, signal strength, mobile operator and network type. *GPS must be enabled